Sports Event

Annual Sports meet Annual Sports meet Annual Sports meet Annual Sports meet Annual Sports meet Annual Sports meet Annual Sports meet


Month Classes Games Name
June IV Carrom
IX Chess
X Chess
July I Medicine Ball Throw
II Medicine Ball Throw
III Medicine Ball Throw
V Chess
VI Chess
VII Chess
VIII Chess
IX Carrom
X Carrom
August IV Table Tennis
V Carrom
VI Carrom
VII Carrom
VIII Carrom
IX Table Tennis
X Table Tennis
September X Table Tennis
I Sack Race
II Sack Race
III Sack Race
IV Sack Race
IV Sack Race
V Table Tennis
VI Table Tennis
VII Table Tennis
VIII Table Tennis
IX Shot Put
X Shot Put
October IX Long Jump
X Long Jump
November I 50 mtr Running Race
II 50 mtr Running Race
III 50 mtr Running Race
IV Long Jump
V Long Jump
VI Long Jump
VII Long Jump
VIII Long Jump
IX 100 mtr Running Race
X 100 mtr Running Race
December Annual Sports Meet
January I Lemon & Spoon
II Lemon & Spoon
III Long Jump
IV 50 mtr Running Race
V Shot Put
VI Shot Put
VII Shot Put
VIII Shot Put
IX 200 mtr Running Race
X 200 mtr Running Race
February V 100 mtr Running Race
VI 100 mtr Running Race
VII 100 mtr Running Race
VIII 100 mtr Running Race

Apart from the regular sports in the school, we are also associated to Tenvic Group of Anil Kumble, where the coaches teach sports like Cricket, Badminton, Chess etc, to the students during the school hours.

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